Lapithos Municipality


Fellow citizens of Lapithos, dear friends and colleagues,

it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Lapithos Municipality. Through this website we are able to communicate, enjoy the interaction with all of you and exchange information on historical matters, cultural events and everyday issues among our citizens, friends of Lapithos, expatriate Lapithians and the organized bodies of our hometown of historic interest.

The powerful and ever-burning historical memory, the tradition and culture of the ancient and once potent city of Lapithos, the one called Imeroessa and Lambousa, ie. the ones that awakens desire and gives light, ought to keep us inextricably connected, guide us and show us the great duty and responsibility to fight with all our powers to present the next generations with a free Lapithos.

In this website, the reader may find recorded devastating information about the barbaric Turkish invasion, that black summer of 1974 that disrupted flagrantly the centuries’ long history of Lapithos, causing its inhabitants to become refugees, ripping them apart from our forefathers’ homes by imposing illegal occupation, desecration of our sacred spaces and an irreparable catastrophe unlike any other this island has ever suffered.

You may also find data and information concerning Lapithos and its inhabitants and their occupations before and after 1974, about folk arts, events as well as significant personalities that have done and continue doing credit to their hometown with their work in Cyprus as well as abroad.

Aim of the Municipality is to turn our website to an important think tank where thoughts, opinions, comments, observations and suggestion will be tabled from everyone, from the layman to renowned historians and researchers on a broad spectrum of subjects and information concerning Lapithos and its inhabitants.
Experts and special contributors to the Municipality and members of several Committees will have the possibility to process, develop and evaluate the data with the facilitation, support and help of the Municipality Board and research and record reliably all available data.

We would be most grateful if you could help us and we wish to thank you warmly in advance for your assistance.

All of us united, free, await soon our return to the land that gave birth to us, to the land that is ours, to our beautiful Imeroessa Lapithos.