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The Lapithians, after the Turkish invasion and occupation of their beautiful native Lapithos, from August 6th 1974, scattered in all corners of Cyprus, indignant, hurt and betrayed because of the great disaster that had fallen upon them. Uprooted from their father land, “Lovable Lapithos”, tried to reactivate themselves away from their homes and property, counting their wounds which were aggravated by the 100 missing co-villagers and those killed fighting against the Turkish invader. Perhaps Lapithos is first throughout Cyprus for the heavy loss of life because young Lapithians fell fighting sacrificing themselves for the freedom of our land.


The Founding Act of the Association and the founding members are given below :

We the undersigned met today Sunday February 15th 1987 and at 10:00 a.m. in the main hall of the A’ Technical School of Lemesos and decided the founding of an Association under the name “Lapithos” Refugee Association.

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The Register of members of the Association consisting of 1230 members to date, has been entered by the members of the Association, Theodoros Haritonides, Lefkos Eleftheriou, Neoptolemos Kotsapas and Constantinos Eleftheriou in the Association’s computer.

J’.The existence of the Association terminates with the completion of its basic aim, the return of all Lapithians to their ancestral land. After its dissolution the estate of the Association will be disposed for charity, education and other aims to be decided by the General Assembly in a celebrating atmosphere upon return to Lapithos.

I hereby certify that this text is a true I hereby certify that the signature
translation of the attached document of the translator is that of

Philippos C. Philippides
02/12/2004 (Sgd.)…..…………………..
for Director
Press and Information Office